Summer & Autumn

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Welcome to the land of the midsummer sun

The sun is already shining around the clock when the snow starts to melt in late spring. With the snow melting, nature starts to wake up again, and it seems like summer comes with a big bang. Within just a few weeks everything is green and bursting with energery, you can almost watch how the leaves grow on the trees and plants push through the soaked soil to bathe in the midsummer sun. Potent wild herbs start to grow, the woodlands turn into magical fairy forests and the water ways open new possibilites for exploring the area. Under the midsummer sun there is no rush, the days are endless and nature full of life.

Nature puts on another show when the nights get colder and darker. Already in late August you may see Northern Lights dancing in the sky while the sun is setting, the trees slowly start to change colors and soon also the ground is covered in fiery red.

Join us on an adventure under the midsummer sun or during colourful autumn and experience a different kind of Lapland.