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Arctic Skylight Glass Cabins

At Arctic Skylight lodge you spend the night in one of our sleek and modern glass cabins, in the middle of nature and away from the village lights. Three floor to ceiling windows and the glass ceiling offer panoramic views of the surrounding nature, midsummer sun, moon and stars, and the beautiful Aurora Borealis during the darker time of the year. Whether you choose to snuggle up in the luxurious king size bed or make yourself comfortable in our comfy armchairs, the wonders of Lappish nature are right there for you to enjoy.

Despite the clean lines and the contrasting black and white colour scheme of our buildings, the furnishings and materials used in the interior or the glass cabins are warm and welcoming, with a hint of luxury. All glass cabins are equipped with their own shower and toilet. The floor heating and air conditioning/heating will keep you warm during the cold winter nights, cool during the rare hot summer nights.

Whether you stay just a night or a whole week, we hope you enjoy our efficient, yet luxurious little glass cabins in the middle of the ancient Lappish forest, in one of the most beautiful areas on this planet.

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Rooms available from February 2020.

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